“The Secret Life of Plants… but who are you?”

There’s no better way to start something than by introducing yourself, so hello! And welcome. My name is Bianca Jade and I am a recent horticulture graduate who’s starting the journey to becoming a landscape designer. I am currently dealing with in-person design clients but plan to expand my services to include designing for clients I meet online, as well. I’m 25 years old and reside in Ontario, Canada.

I started this blog to share the things I was able to learn over the course of my program, and interesting tips/tricks that I continue to learn as I dive deeper into all things plants, gardening, and designing. My hope is to inspire those who don’t have a base knowledge yet and to have meaningful discussions with those who know more than myself.

I will be posting regularly and will touch on a variety of topics such as:

  • Design ideas for pots, garden beds, patios, indoor plants
  • What the heck you should be doing in your garden and when to make sure your plants are happy and thriving!
  • Issues within the industry and suggestions for improvements
  • Sustainability within design and how you can achieve beautiful gardens that help rather than harm
  • Pollinator gardens
  • Recipes for your home harvests

So, if any of that sounds like your cup of tea (echinacea for me please!) then settle in and be sure to check-in a few times per week. Some posts will be long, and others a quick word. Please do reach out if you have a topic you’d like discussed! All links to social media can be found on the site and I would love to chat plants with you over direct message.